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Women who have influenced me

by Yvonne McCormick on 01/04/13

Do the names Leanna Field Driftmier or Evelyn Birkby ring a bell?  I greatly admire these great Iowa cooks from the past and wish I could be transported "Down a Country Lane" back in time to have known them personally, and share some "Kitchen Klatter" with them...to discuss their recipes and listen to their radio shows. 

I imagine sitting down to great family meals, with tablecloths full of wonderful breads, pies, and home canned produce and jams from the garden.  But then back to reality - I remember that farm life back in the forties and fifties was not as idyllic as I dream it to be - no air conditioning, fingers smashed in wringer washers and line drying clothes in the winter - brrr!  No microwaves - and no Internet!!

Guess I will just continue to dream of living the simpler life I imagine - while wearing my apron made from chickenfeed sacks and be grateful for the life I have today!!

A great link to check out some Iowa cooks of the past: The ISU Cookbook collection 


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1. Yvonne McCormick said on 1/4/13 - 11:04AM
Thanks for visiting my blog! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!!
2. Joel said on 1/4/13 - 11:16AM
What a terrific site...and I know just those to share it with!
3. Shirley Jean said on 4/20/13 - 11:07AM
What an awesome website! I can hardly wait to browse through your gift shoppe, smell the aroma of fresh baked goods, and wander through your beautiful garden. You are so talented!!!
4. Jane C. said on 5/4/13 - 06:40PM
What an interesting website! I really enjoyed browsing through it. I will be back again soon!

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