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The Best Cookies in Webster City? Try Farmhouse Kitchen & Gardens!

by Yvonne McCormick on 12/17/11

Perhaps this question may have different answers for some; but for those folks who have tasted my cookies, the answer is always the same: They all tell me that my Farmhouse Kitchen & Garden cookies are the best! It's always nice to hear that others enjoy my baking ~ especially my frosted sugar cookies and kringla!

But my all-time favorite response to this gastronomic question is: "My Grammie makes the best cookies!", a quote from my grandson William, age 5, who is my chief cookie tester/quality control expert. And he loves to help decorate cookies too. We may end up with frosting, sugar, and sprinkles everywhere ~ but what fun we have.

William's mastery of squeezing the frosting bag got him into a bit of trouble at the Iowa State Fair this past year. Picture a little boy at the Spin Art stand, squeezing with all of his might, and the paint spattering everywhere!!

Yep! His Grammie taught him that!!

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